Planting Poet Trees: Sowing the Seeds of Inspiration for Young Poets in Texas

Planting Poet Trees is a project created by the 2015 State Poet Laureate of Texas, Dr. Carmen Tafolla, and sponsored by the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Texas-San Antonio, under the deanship of Dr. Betty Merchant.

Planting Poet Trees is designed to bring presentations by the State Poet Laureate to children in the poorest school districts in the state. The goal of Planting Poet Trees is to conduct motivational speeches, workshops and readings, free of professional charge, to 20 interested schools servicing low-income populations.

The program intends to provide collections of books of poetry and books about poetry and creative writing to the libraries at these selected schools. Finally,the program will assist students to write, revise, polish and submit their own work for possible publication into a statewide anthology of student poetry. This anthology will be published by Wings Press, the oldest independent literary press in the state.

Application Forms (a simple, straightforward 4-page application) are available now, and will be emailed to those requesting them. The committee will review two rounds of applications. Deadlines are September 9 and November 20, 2015. Interested schools are urged to apply early, especially if travel funds are needed. Those schools selected for free visits by Dr. Tafolla will be contacted by Josh Lopez, who will schedule available dates with them for presentations between September and April.

For further information, please visit the Planting Poet Trees Facebook page or contact .